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Monday, 5 December 2011

2011 BMW i8 Concept

2011 BMW i8 Concept is like the BMW I3 Concept, layering no longer act as a key element in the interior and exterior design. Components 2011 BMW I8 Concept also clearly visible in the module, in addition to the Living Black stands out clear and transparent, silver-colored body parts around. 2011 BMW I8 Concept overlap joint surfaces and carefully positioned to allow a reduction in the number of required and is therefore also decrease the weight of the car. Indeed, the surface structure, optimize air flow to meet the aerodynamic requirements without the addition of extra BODY elements. The layering approach is suitable for the BMW Concept appeal I8 highly technical and top-class.
2011 BMW I8 Concept Front View 02 2011 BMW i8 Concept
2011 BMW I8 is a special design concept as a concept car the whole, embody the perfect synthesis of technology and aesthetics. Line Sweep, and the flat silhouette of the car loan the dynamic essence of striking while standing still. Tighten the right side of the surface and form a surface structure, which is a statue, and organic. BMW I8 concept seems to have been cut in the same mold, with the front end, hips, rear and roof flow into one another smoothly. The surface is a dynamic concept in 2011, the BMW I8 produces interesting effects of light and shadow, which adds weight to the emotional nature of light and sporty autoja.Kasvihuone, a large transparent from the outside to borrow a huge feeling of light and emphasizes the excellent efficiency of the vehicle concept. Short overhangs front and rear round off the overall impression of the sport. Although the 2011 BMW I8 The concept is a dynamic appearance, 2 2 – to sit up to four people, who provide a high level of practicality.
2011 BMW I8 Concept Door Open 2011 BMW i8 Concept

2011 BMW I8 Concept Engine Review

2011 BMW I8 Concept to use an electric motor, which has adopted the concept of the BMW i3, which is modified for use in hybrid electric motors 2011 BMW I8 Concept. It drives the front axle, the 2011 BMW I8 Concept able to produce output 164 kW/220 hp turbocharged gasoline engine Kolmisylinerinen, 300 Nm (221 ??lb-ft) of torque drives the rear axle. Together, these two units is difficult to take the vehicle to set a top speed of 250 km / h (155 mph). Such as electric motors, gasoline 1.5 liter Kolmisylinerinen 2011 BMW I8 This concept has been developed entirely in-house by BMW Group, and the latest re-design of traditional machines. Pairs of two units of 2011 BMW I8 hard to explain the concept of strong expertise, and the BMW Group in engine development and electric motors.
BMW I8 concept combines the advantages of two different operating systems – an electric motor and internal combustion engines. As a plug-in hybrid, which offers the best of both worlds together as effectively as possible as efficiently as possible. 2011 BMW I8 Concept capable of speeds from 0-100 km / h (62 mph) within five seconds, combined fuel consumption in the European test cycle is less than 3 liters per 100 km (94 mpg), and fuel consumption average of five to seven real liters of fuel (40-56 mpg) and even faster driving style is a figure unmatched internal combustion engine vehicles in this class of traditional authority. Depending on the habit of charging and the nature of the route, it is still possible to fix numeroita.Salaisuus an intelligent assembly of two units of hardware. In 2011, the BMW I8 Concept , an electric motor instead of a secondary resource, but rather an equal partner, the internal combustion engine. The concept of this 2011 BMW I8 to achieve an ideal balance between the units, which generate two drive optimal combination of efficiency and dynamism.

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